Electrospun Carbon Nanofibers/ Nanotubes for Energy Application
Yuming Chen

Analyses of aging and heterogeneity in nuclei of multinucleated skeletal muscle cells
Alicia Cutler

N-H—N Hydrogen Bonded Complexes of Benzimidazole and Indole: Excited and Cationic State Characterization and Proton Transfer Energetics and Dynamics.
Viola Caroline D’mello

Neural mechanisms of imitation control
Kohinoor Darda

Use of neuroprotective drugs in the treatment of Usutu virus infection
Rebeca De Paiva Froes Rocha

Dog-human behavioural synchronisation and affiliation
Charlotte Duranton

The Identification of Therapeutic Targets in Metastatic Melanoma
Ken Dutton-Regester

Multimodal Meaning Making
Sonia Estima

Percolation Theory – Conducting Plastics!
Shari Finner

Sex and Age Differences in Cardiac Function
Anna Gams

Elucidating the novel mechanism of matriptase activation in cancer
Darius Gaymon

Mathematical Model of the role of the Immune system in FOLFOX therapy for colorectal adenocarcinoma
Victoria Gershuny

Diasporas and International Relations: communication and transnational relations between the Basque Country and the Basque communities in the United States
Maialen Goirizelaia

Measuring consciousness after severe brain injury using brain stimulation
Olivia Gosseries

Behavioral therapy: an alternative treatment for ADHD symptoms
Aurélie Grandjeann

Modeling and optimization of complex heat transfer based on the diffusion approximation
Gleb Grenkin

Development of a Galileo Antigen-Based Treatment for Chlostridium difficile
Brady Hall

Turbulent flows in soap film
Yuna Hattori

Examining viral DNA packaging motors using cryo- electron microscopy
Dorothy Hawkins

Cell-type specificity of hereditary diseases
Idan Hekselman

17-Beta-estradiol directly regulates the expression of adrenergic receptors and kisspeptin/GPR54 system in GT1-7 GnRH neurons
Jessica Jacobi

Complex interactions in lexical evolution
Andres Karjus

Nitrogen cycling in aggregate micro-niches in oxygen minimum zones
Clarissa Karthäuser

The effects of anthropogenic noise on predator-prey interactions in a marine ecosystem
Annebelle Kok

Using a guidance assay to investigate the mechanism of axonal pathfinding for nerve regeneration
Aljona Kolmogorova

Characteriziation of GPI-anchor biosynthesis deficiencies
Peter Krawitz

Differential Received Signal Strength localization: Robust Estimation and Optimal Geometries
Jun Li

Can predatory mites be efficient dispersal agents for entomopathogenic fungi: understanding the process of disease transmission from predators to prey for biological pest control
Gongyu Lin

Probabilistic methods for cosmological analysis with uncertainty-dominated data
Alex Malz

“Multilevel Correlates of Intimate Partner Violence in Marginalized Populations”
Nick Metheny

A Pilot Wellness Intervention for Parents of School-Aged Children with Neurodevelopmental Disorders: Feasibility, Acceptability, and Preliminary Impact
Marissa Miller

Insect suppression service by insectivorous bats on pecan crops of Chihuahua, Mexico
Fernando Montiel

The lightning flash between AC/DC.
Bon Mott

Comparative transcriptomics to study host-pathogen interactions: Candida albicans, C. glabrata and host marker genes during infection
Marina Pekmezovic

Synthesis and Characterization of Type-I Clathrates and Zintl Phases for Thermoelectric Applications
Christopher Perez

Computer-aided fragment-to-lead optimization
Moira Rachman

Development of activatable MRI contrast agents
Friederike Reeßing

Induction of the viable but non-culturable state in bacterial pathogens by household cleaners and inorganic salts
Christian Robben

Pathogenesis of congenital cytomegalovirus infection: finding prognostic markers and correlates of protection
Roberta Rovito

“Branding the Self: Exploring Self-Commodification in Reality Television”
Tamar Salibian

Gendered narratives of violence, labor exploitation and anti-natalism from Syrian refugees in Turkey
Mija Sanders

Tracking trends in the lichen symbiosis: do species interactions drive the latitudinal diversity gradient?
Klara Scharnagl

Non-Local Electrodynamics of Superconducting Wires: Implications for Flux Noise and Inductance
Pramodh Senarath Yapa

Neda Shahidi

The effects of homosexual men on heterosexual men in America
Jashneel Singh

Variation in Oxytocin System in Primates. Evolutionary and Functional Insights
Pedro Vargas

Novel biomarkers for the diagnosis of childhood tuberculosis
Paola Villanueva

Dance/Movement Therapy-Based Mind-Body Medicine in an Integrative Medicine Treatment Program for Military Members with Traumatic Brain Injury
Allison Winters Fisher

Movements as a Door for Learning Physics Concepts – Integrating Embodied Pedagogy in Teaching
Roni Zohar

Gluten-specific T cell response after gluten challenge
Stephanie Zühlke