Galileo in Senegal

400 years ago, Galileo  pointed a telescope up at the night sky. What he saw amazed him. The Moon is covered with mountains. Jupiter has its own moons. Venus waxes and wanes in a crescent shape. All of this added up to a crazy idea: Our little planet is not the center of the universe.

It shook people up in a big way. But it also shook the Church’s unquestionable authority. So Galileo was forced to deny his discovery (under threat of torture) and spend the rest of his life under house arrest.

Thought experiment: What if instead of being persecuted, Galileo had been sent to distant lands as a missionary? Instead of bibles, he would put his new telescope in the hands of people with little or no contact with Western science. What would that look like?


Make sure you hit that “FULL SCREEN” button so you can see the expression on people’s faces.

This experiment is described in full in this Gonzo Scientist article.