This Year’s Videos

Srinivasa Rao (Lakshminivas) Allam dances the PhD thesis, Optical Nonlinearities in Saturable Media.

Cecilia Berlin dances the PhD thesis, Ergonomics Infrastructure – An Organizational Roadmap to Improved Production Ergonomics (2011).

Olga Blázquez Sánchez dances the PhD thesis, Violent Frontier Architecture: Spaces Designed Against Humanity.

Marco Cabero dances the PhD thesis, Organic Magnetic Effect in Solar Cells.

Katherine Carpenter dances the PhD thesis, Pharmacologic inhibition of the liver X receptors increases immune mediated tumor destruction.

Alexandra Cherkasheva dances the PhD thesis, Greenland Sea primary production with respect to changes in sea ice cover.

Li Cornfeld dances the PhD thesis, Stages of Technology: Performance and Production in the Tech Industry.

Tania D’haijere dances the PhD thesis, Biogeography of Atlantic Central Africa – Tridactyle (Orchidaceae): a story of speciation and colonisation at São Tomé and Príncipe.

Tina Hayati Dahlan dances the PhD thesis, Solution-focused Brief Counseling Model in Enhancing Psychological Strength of Undergraduate Students.

josefa domingos dances the PhD thesis, Practicalities of community-based exercise in Parkinson’s disease.

Romain Durand-de Cuttoli dances the PhD thesis, Optically disrupting the rewarding properties of nicotine.

Michael Gonzalez dances the PhD thesis, The Origin and Fate of monocyte-derived macrophages after parasite infection..

Sophie Grellet dances the PhD thesis, Optimization of Gold nanoparticles for radiotherapy .

Gleb Grenkin dances the PhD thesis, Modeling and optimization of complex heat transfer processes based on diffusion models.

Jamila Haider dances the PhD thesis, Development and Resilience: Re-thinking poverty and intervention in biocultural landscapes..

Reed Handlery dances the PhD thesis, Providing Outdoor Fitness to Promote Physical Activity in Survivors of Stroke .

Sandra Hardy dances the PhD thesis, Integrated Static And Dynamic Stress Modeling For Investigating Tremor Source Regions In The San Andreas Fault.

Elinor Harrison dances the PhD thesis, Singing as a therapeutic technique to improve gait for people with PD.

Vinodh Ilangovan dances the PhD thesis, Acetyltransferase TIP60/KAT5 regulates the Drosophila Circadian Clock.

Corinne Jones dances the PhD thesis, Swallowing Variability in Parkinson Disease and Healthy Aging.

Chandana Kolluru dances the PhD thesis, Biopolymer based microneedle patch for Polio vaccination and diagnostic applications.

Eryn Kwon dances the PhD thesis, Investigation of cranial ballistic backspatter using computational simulation and physical models.

Natalia Landívar García dances the PhD thesis, Social transformations in women small farmers’ livelihoods and the sugar cane biomass-based agriculture in Ecuador.

Zhi-Wei Li dances the PhD thesis, Explaining engagement by surprise and suspense: a probabilistic model.

Aoife Long dances the PhD thesis, Renewable gas systems modelling and policy.

Simona Machacova dances the PhD thesis, Evolution of organizer of gastrulation in animals.

Haley MacLeod dances the PhD thesis, Rare World: Investigating Social Support in Rare Disease and Common Chronic Illness Communities.

Deepti Mathur dances the PhD thesis, PTEN regulates glutamine flux to pyrimidine synthesis and sensitivity to dihydroorotate dehydrogenase inhibition.

Irene Mencía Castaño dances the PhD thesis, Development of a microRNA Delivery Scaffold System for Bone Tissue Engineering.

maria dolores montalvo dances the PhD thesis, Tissue engineering to create a replacement for corneal endothelium.

Monica Moritsch dances the PhD thesis, Intertidal Community Consequences of Sea Star Wasting Syndrome.

Liina Nevalaita dances the PhD thesis, Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis CLN8 – from gene to protein.

Angela Nicholson dances the PhD thesis, Efficient Translation Promote Poly(A) Tail Pruning.

Natália Oliveira dances the PhD thesis, Development of biosensors for Forensic Sciences applications.

Apurva Oza dances the PhD thesis, Detection and Dynamics of Satellite Exospheres..

Tee Pamon dances the PhD thesis, The administration of low intensity vibration to promote bone health.

Judit Pétervári dances the PhD thesis, The evaluation of creative ideas – analysing the differences between expert and novice judges.

Amanda Price dances the PhD thesis, Dynamic landscape of cell type-specific DNA methylation over human cortical development.

Kai Ruusuvuori dances the PhD thesis, Modelling the role of charge in atmospheric particle formation using quantum chemical methods.

Tatiana Sadalla Collese dances the PhD thesis, Validation of Dietary Assessment Methods in Children: SAYCARE Study.

Nancy Scherich dances the PhD thesis, Representations of the Braid Groups.

Katharina Schmidt dances the PhD thesis, Ordinary Homeless Cities? Geographies of homelessness in Rio de Janeiro & Hamburg.

Ardon Shorr dances the PhD thesis, The Protein Hustle.

Vanessa Smer Barreto dances the PhD thesis, Probing of Dark Energy Properties in the Universe Using Astrophysical Observations.

Samira Tasnim dances the PhD thesis, Generalized Theory of the Solar Wind.

Rachael Tatman dances the PhD thesis, Modeling the Perceptual Learning of Novel Dialect Features.

Johanna Tomorsky dances the PhD thesis, Determining the identity and function of genes involved in the laminar development of visual cortex.

Klodiana-Daphne Tona dances the PhD thesis, “Investigating the functions of the locus coeruleus-noradrenergic system in the human brain” .

Ines Van keer dances the PhD thesis, Contextual factors influencing the developmental characteristics of young children with a significant cognitive and motor developmental delay.


Kaitlyn Webster dances the PhD thesis, Investigating the genetics of zebrafish germ cell development and its effects on gonad differentiation.

Anna Winiwarter dances the PhD thesis, The Catalysis of the Selective Electrochemical Oxidation of Hydrocarbons.

Denise Zujur dances the PhD thesis, Development of three-dimensional and xeno-free culture system for differentiating pluripotent stem cells into osteoblasts .

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