Stephanie Prezioso dances the PhD thesis, Tentative title: Identifying the Functions and Regulatory Mechanisms of Shikimate Dehydrogenase Homologs in Bacteria.

Sara Ferrando Colomer dances the PhD thesis, Synaptic functions of RIM protein family.

Suqin Duan dances the PhD thesis, Using water isotopes to constrain the simulation of atmospheric water cycle with focus on cloud convective processes.

Xinyang Hong dances the PhD thesis, The signalling control of the transcriptional regulation of Toll-like receptors.

Yogesh Gawale dances the PhD thesis, Photosensitizer for Photodynamic (PDT) and Photothermal (PTT) Therapy.

Karsten Eichholz dances the PhD thesis, Influence of host proteins on the innate immune response to human adenoviruses in human phagocytes.

Paloma Suarez dances the PhD thesis, Processing speed and its relationship with language abilities of Mexican infants.

Maarja Laos dances the PhD thesis, Auditory and vestibular supporting cells as the platform to develop biological interventions to trigger sensory hair cell regeneration.

Sven Ahrens dances the PhD thesis, Investigation of the Kapitza-Dirac effect in the relativistic regime.

Kärt Tomberg dances the PhD thesis, Identification of Thrombosis Modifier Genes Using ENU Mutagenesis in the Mouse.

Chong He dances the PhD thesis, Quantitative Study on the Arachidonic Acid Metabolic Network Dynamics, Intervention and Inhibitor Design.

Jacob Brubert dances the PhD thesis, A novel polymeric prosthetic heart valve: design, manufacture, and testing.

Mª Carmen Fernández-Costas dances the PhD thesis, New perspectives on wood protection: laccased assisted grafting of wood extractives and Kraft lignins.

Stephanie Lackner dances the PhD thesis, An Interdisciplinary Approach to Earthquakes and their Impacts.

Skylar Bayer dances the PhD thesis, Fertilization dynamics of the giant sea scallop (Placopecten magellanicus) and their role in reproductive success at the individual and aggregate scale.

Matthew Goldberg dances the PhD thesis, Knowledge and Defense of Political Attitudes.

Miguelito Biodados dances the PhD thesis, Chromatin modifications along the cell cycle.

Margaret Danilovich dances the PhD thesis, Translating Strong for Life in the Community Care Program .

Gleb Grenkin dances the PhD thesis, Analysis and optimal control in nonstationary models of complex heat transfer.

Rashit Basharov dances the PhD thesis, Improvement of technology of end millings taking into account elastic releases high-frequency electrospindle of the machine.

PARUL SINGH dances the PhD thesis, Identification of genes associated with hyperammonemia revealed by comparative genomic analysis of Lactobacillus acidophilus JV3179.

Mariia Volkova dances the PhD thesis, Molecular and Ionic Complex Formation of Some Crown Ethers in Mixed Solvents.

Guen Prawiroatmodjo dances the PhD thesis, Quantum phenomena at the superconducting complex oxide interface.

Faith Kung dances the PhD thesis, Characterization of Borrelia burgdorferi gene product BBD18 for its role(s) in pathogen biology and infectivity.

Carla Brown dances the PhD thesis, Development of novel antimicrobials against antibiotic resistant adherent invasive E. coli infection.

Artem Khalitov dances the PhD thesis, Methodical system of formation and improvement of the cognitive interest in physics in conditions of the Children’s Educational Centers.

Nina Gerber dances the PhD thesis, Cyclical parthenogenesis and the evolution of sex.

Kieran Bates dances the PhD thesis, Drivers underpinning spatial heterogeneity in a host-pathogen system.

Ruthie Birger dances the PhD thesis, Within-Host and Population-level Modeling of Human Immunodeficiency Virus and Hepatitis C Virus Dynamics.

Gabriel Escobedo dances the PhD thesis, Navigating Latino Identity through Performing Arts.

Jeremy Kuhn dances the PhD thesis, Cross-categorial singular and plural reference in sign language.

Emmanuelle Alaluf dances the PhD thesis, Involvement of myeloid derived heme oxygenase-1 in tumor immune escape mechanisms.

Lidia Rodrigues dances the PhD thesis, A neurodynamical architecture of V1 and V2 visual cortex areas: Implications on depth perception.

Stephany Buenrostro Mazon dances the PhD thesis, Atmospheric Particle Formation in the Planetary Boundary Layer.

Matthew Moore dances the PhD thesis, Novel Alternative Methods for the Detection and Study of Human Noroviruses.

Liz Stunz dances the PhD thesis, Landscape genetics of tussock cottongrass (Eriophorum vaginatum) in the context of climate change.

Auguste Dumouilla dances the PhD thesis, The effect of a pseudo-serendipitous attitude training on satisfaction with life and employability among young French NEETs.

Vera Naumova dances the PhD thesis, The poetry of German Expressionism and its Russian reception in the 1920s.

Mathilda Lindgren dances the PhD thesis, Peacemaking Up Close: Explaining Mediator Styles of International Mediators.

Lidia Monza dances the PhD thesis, Urban Vision of Master-planned communities: Milano 2 (Italy) and Celebration (Florida) as models of social order.

Aram Bugaev dances the PhD thesis, Investigation of the structure of palladium nanoparticles by means of synchrotron radiation.

Mukta Gundi dances the PhD thesis, Perceptions and Practices regarding Menstrual Health among Adolescents: A Mixed Methods Study in Urban, Rural and Tribal Settings in India.

João Silveira dances the PhD thesis, Art, artist and artistic interaction with science.

Pangri Mehta dances the PhD thesis, ‘Steps to Our Culture’: Indian Immigrant Identities and a Constructing a Sense of Belonging.

Yuanzhao Zhang dances the PhD thesis, Emergence of Synchronization and Consensus in Networks of Heterogeneous Agents.

Shikha Singh dances the PhD thesis, Activation of PI3K/Akt Pathway by DP103-p110⍺ Interaction Promotes Tumorigenic Capacity of Gastric Cancer Cells.

Markéta Tomková dances the PhD thesis, The relationship between DNA modifications and mutations in cancer.

Olga Egunova dances the PhD thesis, The development of a technique of enrofloxacine detection in samples of various nature using magnetite nanoparticles as a sorbent.

Graziela Minervini dances the PhD thesis, Strategies and mechanisms involved in the dynamics of maintenance and regeneration of grassland.

Evgeny Sogorin dances the PhD thesis, Coupling of translation initiation and termination of eukaryotic translation.

Diana Moreno dances the PhD thesis, Transcriptomics analysis for MHC-I in bats and their relationship as a natural reservoirs of viruses.

Lara Rapson dances the PhD thesis, Social housing upgrade effect on tenant’s health, safety and social well-being: Public policy considerations.

Laura Figueroa dances the PhD thesis, Pathogen transmission in plant-pollinator networks.

Stephen Rhode dances the PhD thesis, The mitochondrial calcium uniporter.

Alina Dolzhenko dances the PhD thesis, N.V. Gogol’s rhinology: typological aspects.

Rebecca R.G. dances the PhD thesis, Closure operations that induce big Cohen-Macaulay modules and algebras, and classification of singularities.

Naila Kuhlmann dances the PhD thesis, The Role of Synaptic Transmission and Plasticity in Parkinson’s Disease.

Madahi Palma Gomez dances the PhD thesis, The LIGHT-DARK cycle during development is necessary for the proper functioning of the circadian system. .

Hallie Edmonds dances the PhD thesis, The functional morphology of the primate zygomatic arch in relation to diet.

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